The U.S. Troops and Military Prostitution in South Korea

Article by Katarzyna Szpargala. Abstract: This paper examines the U.S. military and military prostitution practices in South Korea from 1945 until 2018. Military camptowns in South Korea are part of the colonial legacy, and with camptowns came military prostitution. For Koreans, it has been a taboo subject for a long […]

Borders and museums: Exclusion through social inclusion

Article by Fernan Talamayan. Abstract: The study of borders involves an analysis of infrastructures and mechanisms that allow for their multiplication and crystallization, one of which is the museum. In this essay, I explain various ways in which museums can supposedly facilitate integration and social inclusion. At the same time, […]

Rawls vs Sen: An Idea of Justice

Article by Feeza Vasudeva. Abstract: The article explores the concept of justice as articulated by Amartya Sen in his lesser-known work The Idea of Justice. Political philosophy has been enriched by the ongoing debate about the idea of justice. There is a consensus regarding the desirability of justice but no agreement […]