First Edition
Pandemic Politics: Disruption and (Re)action

Conflict, Justice, Decolonization: Critical Studies of Inter-Asian Societies

No. 1 (October 2020)

Print ISSN: 2709-7943

Website ISSN: 2709-5479


Second Edition
Social Movements in a World of Backsliding Democracy

Conflict, Justice, Decolonization: Critical Studies of Inter-Asian Societies

No. 2 (November 2020)

Print ISSN: 2709-7943

Website ISSN: 2709-5479


Third Edition
Rethinking the Failed Project of Equality

Conflict, Justice, Decolonization: Critical Studies of Inter-Asian Societies

No. 3 (December 2020)

Print ISSN: 2709-7943

Website ISSN: 2709-5479


Fourth Edition
The Contested Space of Media in Society

Conflict, Justice, Decolonization: Critical Studies of Inter-Asian Societies

No. 4 (August 2022)

Print ISSN: 2709-7943

Website ISSN: 2709-5479



Recent articles


Lecture notes: Industrial-Scale Scamming Compounds and the Network of Outsourcing Recruitment Systems in the Labor Supply Chain
Qi Li, 2024

身土兩離 何以安頓——圖博晚期流亡者罹病與療癒經驗
邱宗怡, 2024

王尚旻, 2024

許景雅, 2024

Resisting Feminized Occupation? Feminization of Migration and Occupational Choices and Status of Tibetan Women in Taiwan
Dolma Tsering, 2024

黃冠維, 2024

Channeling Hegemony: Vietnamese Online Newspapers and the Reproduction of Western Narratives on Israel’s War on Gaza
Hanh T. L. Nguyen, 2024

Living behind the Wall: Navigating Life in the Gaza Strip
Hazem Almassry, 2024

Rohingya Children in India: Access to Education and the Quest for a Better Future
Monika Verma, 2024

Exploring the Issues of Child Soldiers and Forced Migration in the Democratic Republic of Congo Through Cathy Caruth’s Theory of Trauma
Khonde Khonde Norbert, 2024

Hitchcock Expressionist Style and The Double in Vertigo (1958)
Aubrey Kandelila Fanani, 2024

An analysis of Israel/Palestine
Professor Alain Brossat, 2024

The Algorithmification of Migration: A Case Study Exploration
Lungani Hlongwa, 2024

A summary of Russell Campbell’s book Marked Women: Prostitute and Prostitution in the Cinema (2006): The 14 female sex worker archetypes
Hanh T. L. Nguyen, 2023

VTuber的媒介環境學 (Media Ecology)
白祐誠, 2023

Field notes of the port trip in Taiwan
Aubrey Kandelila Fanani, Chang Wen-Chi, Jonathan Parhusip, and Qi Li, 2023

Environment, Social Engagement and Social Media
Katarzyna Szpargala, 2023

Dialita Choir: Constructing Memory of Indonesia’s 1965 Event
Aubrey Kandelila Fanani, 2023

Civil Society and Environmentalism in Non-democratic State
Hanna Hlynenko, 2023

“In the Mood for Love” and the Transfiguration of Time: Stretched, Shrunk, Suspended, and Split
Hanh T. L. Nguyen, 2023

The Socio-environmental Impact of the Belt and Road Initiative in Southeast Asia: The Case of Laos
Lungani Hlongwa, 2023

Numpang Gandeng: Indonesian Underground Music Scene in Taiwan
Muhammad Irfan, 2023


Qi Li, 2023


Chen Yao-Lin, 2023

Welcoming Refugees: Sifting by Identity at the European Borders
Jolly Kligue, 2023

Change of the Chinese Diaspora’s Image in Korean Media according to the Korea-PRC Relations after the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations: Focused on Dong-A Ilbo and Hankyoreh
Lee Yulgong, 2023

The Imaginary Zone at the Sino-Russian Border: Interview with Dr. Sergei Ivanov
Qi Li, 2023

Autocratic Borders: Open, Closed, Existing and Elusive
Hanna Hlynenko, 2023

Ambivalence of the Сoncept of Freedom in the Narratives of Neoliberal Theory
Kateryna Leliukh, 2023

The Changing Role of the Post-War Diaspora in Vietnam’s Nation-Building: The Case of Vietnamese National Cinema
Hanh T. L. Nguyen, 2023

Trapped in No Man’s Land: Chinese Migrant Workers Along the Belt and Road Initiative
Lungani Hlongwa, 2023

The Rohingya Crisis: An Overview of the Psychosocial Challenges of the Rohingyas in Exile
Monika Verma, 2022

How The Anti-Communist Narrative Marginalized The Women’s Movement in Indonesia
Aubrey Kandelila Fanani, 2022

初探北美「台灣之音」(The Voice of Taiwan) 之答錄機物質性及其影響
Grace S. Ying, 2022

Adapting to uncertainties: Conducting social research in the time of COVID-19
Fernan Talamayan, 2022

Huang Baiyan, 2022

Who or Where Do the Memories Belong?: Representing US’s Wars in the Middle East in Sand Castle and The Outpost
Liting Weng, 2022

Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom (documentary review)
Lungani Hlongwa, 2022

Blow-Up — Blows Up the Reality
Cheng Ching Wan, 2022

Localizing The Rolling Stones in Bandung: From The Cultural Resistance to The Subculture
Muhammad Irfan, 2022

Feminist Arguments on the Prosititution Problem: A Vietnamese Perspective
Hanh T.L. Nguyen, 2022

Love and War: “Crash Landing on You” on Prospects for Inter-Korea Understanding
Andre O. Magpantay, 2022

The Emergence of the Cinema Industry in Vietnam during the French Occupation 
Nguyen Thi Trang, 2022

Prostitution in Vietnam in Recent History: Continuities and Discontinuities
Hanh T. L. Nguyen, 2022

‘Hijab Culture’: Branding of Faith In A Capitalist Society. A Study on Popular Media Through the Critical Marxism
Taniah Mahmuda Tinni & Shafinur Nahar, 2022

Conveniently connected: tracing the presence of the Cloud in Uber’s services through patent analysis
Piotr Pawel Skora, 2022

Foodpanda and the Promotion of Precarious Work in the Philippines
Fernan Talamayan, 2022

胡明, 2022

The Panoptic Mode of Automation as Seen through Uber and Lyft
Lungani Hlongwa, 2022

Fake News: Falsehood, Fabrication, and Fantasy in Journalism (Book Review)
Lungani Hlongwa, 2021

告別國家——《光之帝國》的背叛者書寫 Book Review of Your Republic is Calling You by Kim Young-ha
Qi LI, 2021

Trepidations and Ramifications of COVID-19: Rohingya Refugees in India
Monika Verma, 2021

The Tam-Awan Village Performers and the Discourse of Authenticity and Tradition on YouTube
Fernan Talamayan, 2021

Science Park Must Be Defended: Taiwan’s Solution in the State of Emergency
Qi LI, 2021

Civil Society, Political Society, and Self-organized Migrant Communities in Taiwan Ports
Jonathan S. Parhusip, 2021

Animal Welfare and Social Media – Is the Internet an Ally of Animals?
Katarzyna Szpargala, 2021

1521, Duterte, and the Politics of Commemoration in the Philippines
John Lee Candelaria, 2021

Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019: The Pernicious Outcomes of the Altering Equation of Citizenship in India
Monika Verma, 2021

Testing Analogies about Taiwan: Is It Gibraltar or Switzerland?
Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado, 2021

Deus Vult, the Representation of the Conflicts with the Religious Other in Grand Strategy Video Games: Crusader Kings
Piotr Pawel Skora, 2021

Indigenous Hunting and Wildlife Conservation: Tension Between Scientific and Indigenous Knowledge and Perceptions
Lemaitre Agathe, 2021

A Quick Look at Vietnamese Cinema in the Era of Renovated Economy (Đổi Mới)
Hanh T. L. Nguyen, 2021

Patents as Devices of Accumulation by Exclusion: The Case of COVID-19
Lungani Hlongwa, 2021

Producing Spectacles, Appropriating Traditions: The Case of Baguio’s Panagbenga Festival
Fernan Talamayan, 2021

The Securitization of Migration: An Indian Stance on the Securitization of Migration
Monika Verma, 2021

The Right to Remember: Struggles of Chinese Netizens during the COVID-19 Lockdown
Jenny Zheng, 2021

劇場如何述真 —以米洛.勞《重述:街角的兇殺案》為例
Shiu-Ping YING, 2021

Thinking Infrastructures in Jokowi Regimes: Private Investment for Infrastructures
Jonathan Parhusip, 2021

A Perspective About the Indigenous Status through Civil Laws in French Indochina
Nguyen Thi Trang, 2021

The Digital Face of South Korean Feminism
Katarzyna Szpargala, 2021

The Scent Of Green Papaya: Female Solidarity and Male Disengagement
Hanh T. L. Nguyen, 2021

Masks in East and West: Conflicts, Bifurcation and Interpretation under the Pandemic—From a Semiotic Perspective
Jiaxin LIU & Yuan-Hsun CHUANG, 2021

Infrastructure and Its Dark Side
Qi LI, 2020

Borders, Logistics and Unequal Lives: Webinar Summary
Lungani Hlongwa, 2020

不穩定的存在與想像國度:論新加坡電影《幻土》的敘事策略 (Precarious Existence and Imagined State: On the Narrative Strategy of Singapore film A Land Imagined)
Anqi JIANG, 2020

Beijing-Manila relations and the state of Philippine democracy under Rodrigo Duterte
Fernan Talamayan, 2020

Monuments, memory, and movements: How should the world reckon with a controversial past?
John Lee Candelaria, 2020

Social invisibility for sale: The birth of the “Convenient Subject”
Weisyun CHEN, 2020

Of convenience and the concept of Citizenship
Zikri Rahman, 2020

Lim Jian Xing, 2020

State Regulation, Pandemic, and Africans in South China
Qi LI, 2020

For a harsh confinement of the thick and slimy stupidity of our rulers (gouvernants)
Alain Brossat and Alain Naze, 2020

Understanding the Discourse of Populism and Nationalism in India
Feeza Vasudeva, 2020

The ‘turmoil’ of Internal Migration in India during the Covid-19
Dr. Poonam Sharma, 2020

Crash landing on Abnormality – Thought Fragments About “Crash Landing on You”
Kim Jeong-a, 2020

Cyber Harassment, Misogyny and South Korean Online Sphere
Katarzyna Szpargala, 2020

The foundation of social medicine in Indochina: A mirror image of French Governmentality
Nguyen Thi Trang, 2020

The Corona Virus Interregnum
Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado, 2020

Borders and museums: Exclusion through social inclusion
Fernan Talamayan, 2020

The Reaction of the Government, Social Media and Citizens in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Lesson from Vietnam
Nguyen Thi Trang, 2020

Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy
Lungani Hlongwa, 2020

A conversation with a Vietnamese migrant worker in Taiwan during the Covid-19 pandemic
Hanh T. L. Nguyen, 2020

Statistical (In)capacity and Governmental (In)decisions: The Philippines in the Time of COVID-19
Fernan Talamayan, 2020

Violence During the Time of Pandemic: COVID-19 and the Rise of Domestic Violence in Poland
Katarzyna Szpargala, 2020

The Politics of Gig Work in Times of COVID-19
Lungani Hlongwa, 2020

Transgression of Female Stereotypes and Empowerment of Women in The Third Wife
Hanh T. L. Nguyen, 2020

CHU Chia-Chen (曲家蓁), 2020

Decolonizing the Museum Space in India: The Pandemic Influence
Dr. Pallavi Narayan, 2020

The Non-Fictitious Destiny of Youth in Hong Kong
Qi LI, 2020

Prospects for Justice in India’s Socio-environmental Conflicts
Lungani Hlongwa, 2019

Postcolonial Theory and Orientalism: Orientalist Perspectives of the Arab People
Noorah Fazal Jukaku, 2019

李政豪, 2019

The movements in Catalonia and Hong Kong: democracy advocacy or examples of global illiberalism?
Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado, 2019

Joker: An Unflattering Mirror
Hanh T. L. Nguyen, 2019

The Act of Killing and the Look of Silence: A Documentary Review
Lungani Hlongwa, 2019

Burning Buddhists: Self-Immolation in Tibet as an expression of Buddhist Nationalism
Hanne Van Regemortel, 2019

Repositioning Hong Kong Studies in Southeast Asia through the Lens of Cultural Politics: Review on Geopolitics and Film Censorship in Cold War Hong Kong (Book review)
IP Po Yee, 2019

Asian Model of Democracy, Changing of Old Notions
Hazem Almassry, 2019

Realigning a Nation: Analyzing Duterte’s Foreign Policy Shift in the Context of China’s Bid for Global Supremacy
Fernan Talamayan, 2019

Sabarimala: A Reflection On Freedom of Religion and Practice in India
Feeza Vasudeva, 2019

The Arab Spring: From Hope to Destruction… and Dreams that didn’t come true
Hadeel Natsheh, 2019

The U.S. Troops and Military Prostitution in South Korea
Katarzyna Szpargala, 2019

Rawls vs Sen: An Idea of Justice
Feeza Vasudeva, 2019

Struggle for Life and Liberty: Rohingyas in India
Monika Verma, 2019

Neoliberalism in Southeast Asia: Has governmental interference shrunk?
Hanh T. L. Nguyen, 2019

Freedom to Move, No Freedom to Settle: The Labor Migrancy Dilemma in Contemporary China’s Urbanization
Qi LI, 2019

Why does American White Nationalism Rise in Recent Years?
YIN Shuhong (尹姝红), 2019

The Problem of Capitalists Owning Production: An Introduction to Indian Farmers and the Rising Agrarian Crisis
Noorah Fazal Jukaku, 2019

Environmental Crime and Development Challenges: The Illegal Wildlife Trade in Asia
Katarzyna Szpargala, 2019

Class Dismissed: The Malaysian Chinese Community in Bukit Mertajam
Zhao Yen Beh, 2019

Logistical Worlds: Infrastructure, Software, Labour (book review)
Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado, 2019

Arab cities protest and bleed
Hadeel Natsheh, 2019

The Geostrategic Location of Myanmar and its Influence on the Rohingya Conflict
Hanne Van Regemortel, 2019

Are Alternatives Available?: A Case Study of Mui Wo
Christine Chow, 2019

Manifestations of Neoliberal Policies in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
Hazem D. S. Al-massry, 2019

Decolonizing Knowledge: Casals’ Reception Histories in the Sinophone World within the Global Cold War Context
Min-Erh Wang (王敏而), 2019

The Conspicuous Lack of “Post-Colonial” in Nandy’s Uncolonized Minds
Feeza Vasudeva, 2019

Blazing as Fire: A Love Story Before Dawn (Book Review)
Christine Chow, 2019

Sinophone studies: the voice of subaltern?
Lin Shih Chun, 2019

Sabarimala: A Reflection On Freedom of Religion and Practice in India
Feeza Vasudeva, 2019

The Contemporary Narratives of the 1960s Social Movements in Hong Kong: Notes on Wong Bik-wan’s The Death of Lo Kei
IP Po Yee, 2019

Can subaltern speak in Chen Chieh-jen’s art? A singularity revealed by the possibility of failure in the dialogue
Lin Shih Chun, 2019

Racialized Migration: Indonesian Fishers on Taiwanese Fishing Vessels
Jonathan S. Parhusip, 2018

Of Interregnum And The Formation Of Malaysian Subaltern Counterpublics
Zikri Rahman, 2018

#MeToo Movement and The Potentiality of Feminist Digital Activism against Sexual Harassment in Vietnam
Duong Thuy Pham, 2018

The Impacts of Colonial British Raj in the Contemporary Indian Society
Poonam Sharma, 2018

The Dynamic of Trans-local Cultural Activism in East Asia — Notes on No Limit Tokyo Autonomous Zone
Lee Chun Fung, 2018

Anti-fake News Act: Liberty in Crisis
Zhao Yen Beh, 2018

The Bare Life of the Rohingya: the Effect of a Contested Identity on Radicalisation
Hanne Van Regemortel, 2018

Challenges for the European Union and ASEAN: the Problematic of the Community of Citizens.
Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado, 2018

An Overview of Systematic Abuse on Malaysia’s Foreign Workers
Raymond Jian-Xing Lim, 2018

The “human” right of migrant workers: Equality in post-Westphalian era –An example of Lesbian Factory(T婆工廠)
Shih-Chun Lin, 2018


Total number of published works: 138