Welcoming Refugees: Sifting by Identity at the European Borders

Article by Jolly KLIGUE Abstract: In the last decade, Europe has been experiencing an unprecedented flow of refugees from the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe. According to the United Nations refugee act of 1980, all refugees should be entitled to non-discriminatory treatment (Kennedy, 1981). This means that independently from […]

Change of the Chinese Diaspora’s Image in Korean Media according to the Korea-PRC Relations after the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations: Focused on Dong-A Ilbo and Hankyoreh

Article by Lee Yulgong Abstract: This study demonstrates how South Korean media have changed the way they portray the Chinese diaspora depending on the Korea-China relations since the establishment of diplomatic relations between South Korea and the People’s Republic of China. For this, the research compared and analyzed by selecting […]

Autocratic Borders: Open, Closed, Existing and Elusive

Article by Hanna Hlynenko Abstract: The February of 2022 has radically changed the lives of millions of people in Europe. In addition, it has also supported and expanded already existing notions about how authoritarian and highly bureaucratic states are inclined to conduct border politics when the need to limit the […]