Civil Society and Environmentalism in Non-democratic State

Article by Hanna Hlynenko Abstract: This paper presents a literature review of the phenomenon of self-organized non-profit environmental organizations formed and operating under authoritarian rule. It provides a brief analysis of environmental non-governmental organizations’ (ENGOs) political influences and democratic potential, distinguishing it among other types of non-governmental organizations, due to […]

Autocratic Borders: Open, Closed, Existing and Elusive

Article by Hanna Hlynenko Abstract: The February of 2022 has radically changed the lives of millions of people in Europe. In addition, it has also supported and expanded already existing notions about how authoritarian and highly bureaucratic states are inclined to conduct border politics when the need to limit the […]

Beijing-Manila Relations and the State of Philippine Democracy Under Rodrigo Duterte

Article by Fernan Talamayan. Abstract: The 2018 Memorandum of Understanding between the Philippines and China on cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative ascertained a stronger infrastructure collaboration and interconnectivity in the transportation, telecommunication, and energy sectors. As I explained in an earlier publication, President Rodrigo Duterte welcomed Chinese aid […]