Literature, Art, and Cultural Movements

Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Encyclopedia of Philippine Art (English) is the most comprehensive online source of information on Philippine art and culture. It contains essays about the peoples of the Philippines, architecture, visual arts, film, music, dance, theater, broadcast arts, and literature.

Senses of Cinema (English) is one of the first online film journals of its kind and has the standard for professional, high quality film-related content on the Internet.

International Institute of Political Murder (IIPM) (English) was founded by director and author Milo Rau in 2007 for the creation and international utilisation of his theatre productions, actions and films. It is based in Switzerland and Germany.

C-LAB【實驗波】(English and Chinese) hopes to showcase the cultures of contemporary creators, makers, sharers and participants to nurture a fresh ecology of cultural creation, which emerges as a cloud sharing platform for all contemporary readers, utilizing humanistic digital technologies while incorporating contemporary art perspectives as well as cultural observation to introduce innovation into society through culture. CLABO, an online journal published by C-LAB, aims to create confluences of cultural creators and serve as a community platform for all partners of cultural experiment projects.

ASEF culture360 (English) stimulates cultural engagement and enhance mutual understanding between Asia and Europe by providing relevant information through weekly updates on news, events, opportunities, and resources.

Anthology Film Archives (English) is an international center for the preservation, study, and exhibition of film and video, with a particular focus on independent, experimental, and avant-garde cinema.

Magkwento (English) is a project dedicated to the study, analysis, and dissemination of Filipina/o/x literature in English for a whole host of literary forms, socio-cultural affiliations, gendered positions of experience, geographical locations, and ethnonational identifications.

【ET@T】「在地實驗」(Chinese)  is a website serves as an excellent platform for accessing the raw information on the cultural movement in Taiwan since 80s, which consists of video talk, images and news clipping at that period. There is an online curated section, with specific themes such as cultural turn in the 90s in Taiwan, that allow a focused perspective in reading those interesting materials.

Art and Society: A Study of Art and Curatorial Praxis 【藝術與社會--批判性政治性藝術創作及策展實踐研究】(Chinese) is a project attempts to re-understand and clarify the art’s role in critical and political art praxis/production in contemporary society. What are the similarities and differences between the production methods and the traditional art forms? This archive tries to understand the social significance and the aesthetics it established, through interviews and information collected.

Asia Art Archive cultural 【亞洲藝術文獻庫】 (English and Chinese) is an independent non-profit organization based in HK. With one of the most valuable growing collections of material on the recent history of art from Asia, freely available from the internet and onsite library, AAA builds tools and communities to collectively expand knowledge through research, residency, and educational programs.

The Fountain 新活水 (Chinese) is a site which hopes to become an important platform of cultural dialogues. It emphasizes the spirit of trans-regional, cross-sectoral, and intergenerational generations. Many important cultural issues or cultural phenomena, for example, homosexuality, Southeast Asian Literature, etc. can be found in this site.

Indonesian Visual Art Archive (IVAA) (English), located in Yogyakarta, is dedicated to documenting and supporting the development of contemporary art from Java.

Literary Indonesia (English) is a blog dedicated to bring highlights from significant pieces of literature either about Indonesia or by prominent Indonesian writers.

Aural Archipelago (English)  Aural Archipelago was created by ethnomusicologist Palmer Keen.  Keen travels around the islands of Indonesia documenting a vast range of music.  Aural Archipelago offers a great range of music and video clips documenting the music of Indonesia.

Community Arts Yellow Page (社群藝術黃頁), The Community Arts Yellow Page is launched by the Centre for Cultural Studies (CUHK). It collected more than 100 cases of community arts in Hong Kong from January 2014 to February 2017. Besides, the website also provides related glossary and numerous detailed case studies. Language being used is mainly Chinese.

Contemporary Cultural Studies (當代文化研究), The Contemporary Cultural Studies is established by Program in Cultural Studies of the University of Shanghai in February 2003. It is currently the biggest web-portal dedicated to teaching and practices of cultural studies in Mainland China. The website also provides the latest cultural theories and case studies regarding Shanghai and other regions in China, aiming to urge for a moderate transformation of Chinese culture. Language being used is mainly Chinese.

V-artivist (影行者), The V-artivist is a non-profit group based in Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong. They have dedicated to making video records of people and the society. Promoting the use of image media is also one of their goals. This website is a record of their organized events, related texts and videos, as well as their discourses developed about the relationship between art and people. Language being used is mainly Chinese.

Wknews 惟工新聞, Based in Hong Kong, the Wknews is a news media concerning the standard of living, working conditions and struggles of all working class people. There are latest news reports, featured news and interviews, as well as essential knowledge and theories regarding the local and international working class. Language being used in mainly Chinese.