The Non-Fictitious Destiny of Youth in Hong Kong

Article by LI Qi. Abstract: The film Ordinary Heroes (1999) by Hong Kong director Ann Hui tells the story of a group of social activists in the 1980s in Hong Kong. The director combines fictitious narratives with non-fictitious characters and historical contexts, making the film an allegory of the Hong Kong […]

Hong Kong in the Cultural Cold War and the Colonial Southeast Asia: Review of Geopolitics and Film Censorship in Cold War Hong Kong (Book Review)

Book review by Ip, Po Yee. Abstract: This article is a review of Zardas Shuk-man Lee’s recently published book Geopolitics and Film Censorship in Cold War Hong Kong (2019), an extensive historical research regarding the institution of film censorship in Hong Kong during the 1940s-1970s. From the perspective of film […]

Are Alternatives Available?: A Case Study of Mui Wo

Article by Christine Chow. Abstract: Since 2008, numerous land movements have been opposing government-led developmental projects in the New Territories. These projects are considered as hybrid products of developmentalism, predatory capitalism, as well as Sino-Hong Kong regional integration. To respond to the government projects, land movements bring out divergent opinions of […]