The Digital Face of South Korean Feminism

Article by Katarzyna Szpargala. Abstract: In recent years, women and feminists have been using the Internet and social media as channels for mobilization. The feminist activism is now visible in offline and online spheres; however, the same can be observed for misogynistic attitudes. For a few years now, South Korean […]

Cyber Harassment, Misogyny and South Korean Online Sphere

Article by Katarzyna Szpargala. Abstract: Early media scholars believed that the Internet could be a tool to combat racism, xenophobia, sexism, and other discriminatory attitudes and practices (Vickery & Everbach, 2018). The Internet opened doors for numerous groups and society members to education, jobs, information, and to share their opinion […]

The U.S. Troops and Military Prostitution in South Korea

Article by Katarzyna Szpargala. Abstract: This paper examines the U.S. military and military prostitution practices in South Korea from 1945 until 2018. Military camptowns in South Korea are part of the colonial legacy, and with camptowns came military prostitution. For Koreans, it has been a taboo subject for a long […]