Foodpanda and the Promotion of Precarious Work in the Philippines

Article by Fernan Talamayan. Abstract: This preliminary study analyzes various issues surrounding Foodpanda, a popular online food and grocery delivery platform. Combining information on the platform’s scoring system with riders’ sentiments, the study unpacks contemporary technologies’ creation of new tools for exploitation and various allegations of unfair labor practices to […]


Article by 胡明. Abstract Almost two years since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economy has not been ready to stage a post-recession recovery. Political divisions have intensified, globally and nationally, making it worse. The ubiquity and high accessibility of social media has propelled #Fakenews into the public discourse, […]

The panoptic mode of automation as seen through Uber and Lyft

Article by Lungani Hlongwa. Abstract: Many Uber and Lyft drivers are aware that they are constantly being monitored by their passengers or through their mobile devices while on the job. According to Jeremy Bentham and Michel Foucault’s notion of panopticism, the awareness of being monitored shapes one’s conduct to the […]