Resisting Feminized Occupation? Feminization of Migration and Occupational Choices and Status of Tibetan Women in Taiwan

Article by Dolma Tsering Abstract: This study examines the occupational choices and status of Tibetan women in Taiwan. The study followed the qualitative narrative analysis of one-to-one interviews and participant observation conducted with Tibetan women in Taiwan. Findings suggested that, in contrast to the existing pattern of occupational choices of […]

The Algorithmification of Migration: A Case Study Exploration

Article by Lungani Hlongwa Abstract: In our contemporary social landscape, algorithms increasingly permeate various interactions—a trend expected to intensify in the foreseeable future. This omnipresence has profound implications for global migration policies which carry potential impacts on the lives of migrants and refugees. This process, which may be labeled as […]

Borders, Logistics and Unequal Lives: Webinar Summary

Webinar Summary by Lungani Hlongwa. Abstract: With the COVID-19 outbreak, people around the world were told to self-isolate, practise social distancing, and in some extreme cases, entire cities and countries were put under lockdown. It is fair to say that this pandemic brought much of the world to a near […]