Infrastructure and Its Dark Side

Article by LI QI. Abstract This article briefly discusses the role of infrastructure in the history of capitalism and the expansion of the state. Recent studies on infrastructure focus on its ontological perspective, arguing the ideological function that is visible upon the built network of infrastructure. According to Marxist theory […]

State Regulation, Pandemic, and Africans in South China

Article by LI Qi. Abstract During the Covid-19 pandemic, African nationals were maltreated in Guangdong Province, China. African students and businesspeople were forced to undergo additional quarantine and nucleic acid tests. Meanwhile, they were unwelcomed on the street, at their places of work and even their accommodations. In contrast to […]

Asia as Method. By SUN Ge and Yueh-Tsen CHUNG

Unit 3-2: Asia as Method Instructors:SUN Ge and Yuehtsen CHUNG Date:  8th July                                      In order to introduce Professor Sun Ge’s speech, it is necessary first to describe the history of modern Chinese studies […]