‘Hijab Culture’: Branding of Faith In A Capitalist Society. A Study on Popular Media Through the Critical Marxism

Article by Taniah Mahmuda Tinni & Shafinur Nahar. Abstract: Wolfgang Fritz Haug discusses how capitalism exploits the phenomenon of commodity aesthetics from their economic foundations to develop and present them within their systematic connections through the use of sexuality and appearance in advertising inside the capitalist structure. Followed by such […]

Of Convenience and the Concept of Citizenship

Article by Zikri Rahman. Abstract: The burgeoning presence of convenience store franchises around the world has been such an interesting phenomenon. Through this preliminary writing, the author is looking at the phenomena specifically from the perspective of Taiwan which has a  staggering number of more than 5000 branches of 7-Eleven […]

The Problem of Capitalists Owning Production: An Introduction to Indian Farmers and the Rising Agrarian Crisis

Article by Noorah Fazal Jukaku. Abstract: Indian farmers are susceptible to exploitation due to the neo-liberal economic reformations that occurred in India during the 1990s. A capitalistic society with a free-market economy, India holds the world’s second-largest agricultural output. Yet, the agrarian crisis has increased over time, which has unfortunate consequences […]

Arab cities protest and bleed

Article by Hadeel Natsheh. Abstract: The Arab city is nowadays closer to a bloody battlefield in which different social and economic strata are contested, and great ideologies and narratives are closely related to city crisis and moving towards it. Indeed, the city has become a battleground, as if the city […]