The Nexus of Hindu Nationalism, Democratic Governance, and Refugee Rights: A Case Study of Rohingya Refugees in India

Article by Monika Verma Abstract: The paper scrutinizes the intricate relationship between Hindu nationalism, democratic governance, and refugee rights, with a spotlight on the Rohingya refugees in India. India’s democratic framework, grounded in principles of equality and justice, coexists with the rise of Hindu nationalism, posing unique challenges for refugee […]

Comparative Public Governance and Addressing Social Inequalities: A Multi-Case Study of Government Higher Education, Public Housing, and National Security Initiatives in the Philippines

Article by Franclin Acal OLIVA, MMPA (Mr) Abstract:This paper examined persistent social inequalities in the Philippines through a multi-case study of government initiatives in higher education, housing, and national security. Utilizing a modified change management model (otherwise referred to as the Oliva Model of change management for enhancing transformative governance), […]

“Izkor: Slaves of Memory” Screening & Discussion with Filmmaker Eyal Sivan

Report Article by Kahlan Alradhi Link to video of the event: This report captures the essence of the event, detailing the presentations, discussions, and key takeaways from the screening of Eyal Sivan’s documentary “Izkor: Slaves of Memory.” It serves as a comprehensive overview for those interested in the themes […]


Article by 曾哲偉 Abstract: This article aims to explore the manifestation of “hostile architecture” in the realm of public space and street furniture design and their preemptive restrictions on the use of public space to prevent crimes before their occurrence, in the context of social control and spatial governance. This […]


Article by 曾哲偉 Abstract: According to Étienne Balibar, “borders” do not only exist between nations, neither do they have a common and universal meaning, and will even become completely different entities due to different contexts.  Therefore, Balibar proposed three major aspects of the equivocal character of “borders” in history: overdetermination, […]