Channeling Hegemony: Vietnamese Online Newspapers and the Reproduction of Western Narratives on Israel’s War on Gaza

Article by Hanh T. L. Nguyen Article originally published on The Invisible Armada, Feb 5 2024, available at:   Header Image: Megalodon by RANT 73 is licensed under a CC0 1.0 DEED INTRODUCTION It is no secret that the Vietnamese used to be dehumanized in American narratives during and […]

Exploring the Issues of Child Soldiers and Forced Migration in the Democratic Republic of Congo Through Cathy Caruth’s Theory of Trauma

Article by Khonde Khonde Norbert Abstract: Since its independence in 1960, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has witnessed multiple forms of political unrest such as civil wars, child abuse, forced migration, etc. Unfortunately, most of these realities, especially before the era of internet, remained unknown to many people living […]

An analysis of Israel/Palestine

Lecture by Professor Alain Brossat Header Image: “Gaza” by Catholic Church England and Wales is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Deed. 1- The armed operation launched by Hamas on October 7 in Israeli territory is not an aggression or a provocation intended to break the peace and foment a crisis […]

The Algorithmification of Migration: A Case Study Exploration

Article by Lungani Hlongwa Abstract: In our contemporary social landscape, algorithms increasingly permeate various interactions—a trend expected to intensify in the foreseeable future. This omnipresence has profound implications for global migration policies which carry potential impacts on the lives of migrants and refugees. This process, which may be labeled as […]

A summary of Russell Campbell’s book Marked Women: Prostitute and Prostitution in the Cinema (2006): The 14 female sex worker archetypes

Article by Hanh T. L. Nguyen Abstract: This essay summarizes Russell Campbell’s book Marked Women: Prostitute and Prostitution in the Cinema (2006). The premise of Campbell’s arguments about the different kinds of representation of the female prostitute in film is that the global film industry has been dominated by men, […]