Resisting Feminized Occupation? Feminization of Migration and Occupational Choices and Status of Tibetan Women in Taiwan

Article by Dolma Tsering Abstract: This study examines the occupational choices and status of Tibetan women in Taiwan. The study followed the qualitative narrative analysis of one-to-one interviews and participant observation conducted with Tibetan women in Taiwan. Findings suggested that, in contrast to the existing pattern of occupational choices of […]

Field notes of the port trip in Taiwan

Article by Aubrey Kandelila Fanani, Chang Wen-Chi, Jonathan Parhusip, and Qi Li Abstract: Following the 2023 ACS Institute “De-colonization in the 21st Century”, the International Center for Cultural Studies (ICCS) organized a four-day excursion to southern Taiwan to investigate the port operation and the labor condition of Southeast Asian migrant […]